5 Axis CNC Machining, 9-Axis Mill-Turn Machining and Heatsinks

Company Overview

All Axis Machining is a multi-disciplinary metal fabricator manufacturing company. Our core competencies are in providing complete metal fabricated products to a variety of industries.

Our company’s philosophy is singular focused on providing a business environment that works for our customers. All Axis Machining accomplishes this by offering a range of services and manufacturing expertise that our customers can choose from to meet their product production targets while containing costs. Summarized below are a variety of services that we offer to accommodate our customer requirements.

Capabilities At-A-Glance

  • 43,000 Square Feet of Manufacturing Space
  • Large 5-Axis Format (47”x49”) Capability with Ultra High Tight Tolerance Capabilities (0.0002”)
  • Large 11-Axis Format (13” Swing x 36”) Capability with Ultra High Tight Tolerance Capabilities (0.0002”)
  • Extrusions up to 22” Wide
  • Parametric and CFD Design Software
  • Fully Integrated MRP Enterprise Software
  • Customer Stocking Programs (Kanban)
  • Prototype to Production Runs
  • Complete Assembly Services
  • Global Presence

Company Facts

  • AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • ITARS Certified
  • All Axis Machining, Inc.
    4825 Top Line Drive
    Dallas, TX 75247
    Phone: 972-312-8609
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5-Axis CNC Machining

  • 5-Axis, simultaneous machining delivers superior Dimensional tolerance control and improved Product quality by eliminating cumulative Dimensional Stackup errors introduced by multiple setups.

  • Ideal for complex parts in the aerospace, defense, medical applications.

  • Our capabilities include Large format 47" x 49" work table. High precision glass scales, laser tool pick-up, temperature controlled environment permit tolerances of 0.0001"

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11-Axis Combined Mill-Turning

  • A combined, simultaneous, 5-Axis, mill and CNC lathe allows for the ultimate in complex parts to be fabricated in a single operational cycle. The high precision glass scales allow tolerance parts with tolerances of 0.0001" to be achieved.

  • Maximum swing diameter is 21.3" Maximum length is 47".

  • Embedded machine automation features allows for cost effective production.

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CNC Machining

  • Vertical Milling Centers offer a cost effective approach to machining parts requiring tolerances in the 0.0005 and above range.

  • Largest format machines is 64" x 32" x 30"

  • High Speed spindles allow tiny features to be machined. In-house fixturing allows us to maintain dimensional repeatability, and be efficient for prototypes to high volume production runs.

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Aluminum Extrusions

  • Maximum Extrusion up to 28” Wide & 40 lbs/foot;
  • Heatsink Aspect Ratios Up to 22:1;
  • Thin Wall Profiles, Hollows, Semi-Hollows & Solids. Stock Profiles;
  • Minimums from 100 lbs
  • Heatsinks & Non-Heatsink Shapes
  • DFARS Compliant Material - Aluminum
  • Alloys: 1060, 6061, 6063, and other 6000 series, 5000 Series and 7000 series.
  • Post Extrusion Fabrication
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EDM – Wire and Sinker

  • 4-Axis Wire and 5-Axis Sinker EDM's are used to produce features that are unable to be Machined. Small holes (0.008") intricate, sharp Corners (e.g. keywayes), one-of-a-kind contours and patterns in parts are typical. The sinker EDM replaces broaching on Lathes.
  • Maximum part height is 14" for wire EDM and 10" for sinker EDM. Tolerances capabilities are ±0.0001"
  • Additional products include mold making and tooling fixtures.
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Enclosures & Brackets

  • A full range of standard and custom, enclosures. made from Extrusions, drawn or stamped.
  • Standard line of 1U to 4U Enclosures with customizable bezel’s and front/back panels.
  • Turnkey custom NEMA Enclosures and modification to off-the-shelf enclosures (Plastic, Fiberglass, CRS and Stainless Steels);
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Screw Machine & Hardware

  • Swiss-type , Multi-Axis Machines with 3 to 10 Axis Configurations allow for turning, milling and back turning operations to be completed on same machine in one cycle.
  • Ideal for small parts and for long slender parts which would deflect or vibrate when turning on a traditional CNC lathe.
  • Able to produce parts from 0.010 to 1.25" diameters with tolerances up to ±0.0001"
  • Production from prototypes to millions of pieces.
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Insulator Fabrication

  • High spindle Speed, Dry Cutting machines for producing Chip Nests & Sockets; Electrical Connectors & Insulators; Frames, Test Fixtures, Chip Carriers, Instrument Panels; Screens, Shields, Shims, Shrouds, Spacers & Stiffeners.
  • CNC Micro drilling / milling to 0.015" diameter and tolerances 0.0005"
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Metal Stampings & EMI Shielding

  • This process is used to produce EMI & RFI Shielding, Heatsinks, Spring Clips, Drawn Parts, Brackets, Lead-Frames, Terminals (Lugs) Bus Bars Mounts, Adapters; Hardware & Handles.
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Wire Forming & Tube Bending

  • Wire forming and tube bending capabilities are used to support turnkey assemblies of metal fabrication and liquid cooled assemblies.
  • Process is also used to produce handles for various types of electronic equipment
  • Wire Forming ranges from 0.008" to 0.75"
  • Tube bending up to 3" in diameter
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CNC Turning/Lathe

  • CNC Turning offer a cost effective approach to machining parts that do not require secondary (or minimum) milling requirements and tolerances in the ±0.0005" and above range.
  • Our automated processes allow us to effectively produce proto-types and high volume production runs.
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Thermal Design & Analysis

  • On-staff engineering are available for paid consulting services in the areas of CFD & Parametric thermal analysis; Thermal & Fluid Flow Analysis.
  • Our engineers are also avail for design Consulting Services where we can turnkey your hardware chassis based upon a setup a statement of work prepared by the customer and ourselves.
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All Axis Machining offers the following services to our industry:

  • CMM Inspection with AS9100 report
    (Traceable to NIST)
  • Metal Sawing Services (±0.005 to ± 0.010) (up to 24" wide and 8" thick)
  • Laser Part Marking
  • Custom Die-Cut Masking (Hi-temp for plating, powdercoating, painting)
  • Custom Masking plugs
  • Vacuum Forming (customer trays and clam shells for shipping fragile parts)
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Complete Metal Finishing Capabilities

  • Anodizing
  • Powdercoating
  • Plating
  • Polishing
  • Brushing
  • Heat Treating
  • Painting,
  • Selective masking
  • Precious Metal (Au, Ag, etc.)
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing
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  • AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015